How does the promotion work?
What does the promotion offer you as an SME?
  • During the promotional period, customers receive a "Save for Each Other" stamp with every spending of € 10. They affix these stamps to the accompanying savings card. This is filled with 25 stamps.
  • For a full savings card and with an additional payment of € 2.50 in the supermarket, the customer will be paid a 'Save for Each Other' value voucher of € 10, with a unique code.
  • These customers can redeem the value vouchers at any participating local company with every expenditure of at least € 25. The duration varies, but the goal is to provide the participating companies with a quick start.
  • When you hand in the voucher you immediately give a € 10 discount to your customer.
  • You can activate the submitted vouchers in the 'Saving for Each Other' system, after which payment to you as an entrepreneur will take place weekly. Payments will be made in accordance with the fee agreements made with the supermarket(s).
  • Customers quickly over the floor.
  • Opportunities for new customers in your company.
  • Customers who spend at least € 25 at your company.
  • Extra promotion and attention.