How this action came about

Fortunately, in these bizarre times you see the necessary initiatives emerge and it appears that people develop a great sense of togetherness. Tomorrow coordinates and produces a local action to help supermarkets set up such initiatives. In this, the supermarket offers its customers an interesting advantage and thus an incentive to start spending with local SMEs, which are in serious trouble due to the corona crisis.

By regularly shopping, customers can obtain savings stamps and stick them on a savings card. With a full savings card, the customer, with an additional payment of € 2.50, can obtain a "Savings for Each Other" value voucher of € 10, which can be redeemed at participating local SMEs when spending € 25. Exchange is possible up to 3 months after the promotion ends at the client. The SME itself finances € 2.50 of the value of this voucher. The aim of the action is to increase customer loyalty and recruitment, while at the same time helping local SME colleagues to gain more customers and turnover.

For the implementation of this promotion, Tomorrow works together with Localty and Detail 4 Retail to optimally use the promotion through the various channels. Three companies that specialize in providing local promotion and online marketing for supermarkets. The companies retain their own identity and activities but join forces to the market as LOCAL LOYALTY GROUP. In this way, supermarkets can be served even better when local promotion is used as a marketing tool.